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Pok. Journal Letter to Editor: Candidate visited over 9,700 homes

By Kieran Lalor, on Nov 4, 2012

I support Kieran Michael Lalor, Republican candidate for the 105th New York state Assembly District. Here’s why. Lalor has a vision for a better New York state — one with lower taxes, vibrant, growing small businesses and a reformed education system. And yes, the integrity to stay true to the values he grew up with, and honest to the core. One might even say he is a straight shooter.

Poughkeepsie Journal Letter to Editor: Lalor Opposes Job Killing MTA Payroll Tax

By Kieran Lalor, on Nov 1, 2012


The Journal editorial page questioned the “logic” of my opposition to the $1.9 billion tax increase on New Yorkers in exchange for a partial roll back of the MTA payroll tax on schools and smaller businesses. 


By Kieran Lalor, on Nov 1, 2012


The Builders Association of the Hudson Valley has endorsed Kieran Michael Lalor’s candidacy for the 105th Assembly District.

Paramount on Builders Association of the Hudson Valley’s state legislative agenda is the call for much needed reform to New York’s Scaffold Law, which currently holds employers and property owners absolutely li

Southern Dutchess News: Lalor Wins By Landslide in Primary

By Kieran Lalor, on Sep 21, 2012


“We executed our plan,” said Kieran Lalor after last week’s primary victory for the Republican nomination for the 105th New York State Assembly District.

He defeated former Assemblyman Patrick Manning and Richard Wager in the September 15th three-way primary battle. 

Lalor will have the Republican and Independence party lines for the Novem