Letter To Editor: Lalor is Workhorse, Smart Candidate

By Kieran Lalor, on Aug 26, 2012

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I met New York Assembly candidate Kieran Michael Lalor at the Conservative Party brunch in the spring, and I peppered him with questions. He was unflappable and gave thoughtful, detailed answers to policy questions. A few months later, Lalor knocked on my door while gathering signatures. I again asked him some tough questions and he again more than stood his ground on the issues. Lalor is a rock solid Conservative.

I began following the race closer and learned that Lalor was perhaps the hardest-working candidate I’ve ever seen. He was required to get 500 signatures to get on the Republican ballot and his all-volunteer organization nearly quadrupled that requirement, turning in more than 1700 Republican signatures. Lalor himself got more than 700 of the signatures. This proved to me that the Lalor campaign is extremely well-organized and that Lalor is a workhorse.

All tolled, the Lalor campaign got more signatures than the other two campaigns combined. Lalor is the only one of the three candidates that had the ability to get enough signatures to compete on all three ballot lines: Republican, Conservative and Independence. This means Lalor is the only candidate capable of having three lines in the general election in November.

In short, Kieran Michael Lalor is good on the issues important to Republicans and Conservatives and has a tremendous work ethic. For these reasons, Kieran Michael Lalor has my support in the Republican and Conservative Primaries on Sept. 13

Hal Brilliant, Fishkill

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